Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mouse Count

Mouse Count
The simplicity of this book is perfect for my little learners. We mainly used this to work on counting backwards from 10 -0, but lots of other learning entered the lesson.

Me and Luke made a jar and 10 felt mice to use on the felt board. As we read the book we added and subtracted the mice per the story line -using a plastic king cobra of course :). Other concepts that we worked on were:

-different ways to make a set of ten
-directional words  inside/outside, above/below, right/left
-How do we get from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. (+1) and the opposite (-1)

After we finished reading and playing with the felt board the kids did a worksheet from They added fingerprint mice to the jar and Luke had to make his mouse look like they had scary Halloween costumes on. Oh his imagination is great!!

Russia- Another Celebrated Dancing Bear and The Mitten

We had a fun couple of weeks with Russia. The first week we rowed Another Celebrated Dancing Bear and the second week was The Mitten.

Another Celebrated Dancing BearSelected image

Another Celebrated Dancing Bear :

Social Studies: Geography -location of Russia and Ural Mts.
                       Occupations- I had some occupation flash cards we discussed.  
                       Relationships- We discussed the friendship between Max and Boris
                                              and what it means to be a good friend.

Science: We talked about the boiling point and freezing point of water and how that
              temperature also relates to weather. The morning temps are now in that
              BELOW 32 degree mark so we are remembering all too well about how
              freezing feels.

Art: Lucas colored a picture and used the turrets to place on top of the buildings to
        go with the Russian architecture. Sophie colored the turrets but did not want to
        make a picture.

L.A.: Drama- Sophie really enjoyed this one. We acted out action words. Luke was a no-go on this.

Math: We went over the hours on the clock and the days of the week. They already do this every
           morning at calendar time but what is one more time right!

The Mitten

Social Studies: Geography- reviewed Russia

Science: We made a mini book of the animals in the story and Luke told me one thing he learned about
              each animal. We also make a poster showing where the animals go in the winter. This was a
              find on pinterest. It was fun and the kids learned a lot.

L.A: We did a story map. Discussed what a folktale is. They make a mitten pocket and cut out the animals
        from the story to do story sequencing.

Math: We found 5 pairs of mittens/gloves and measured and graphed with unifix cubes.

This was a really fun 2 weeks. I wish all days were as fun as these but as we know not all topics and books go over as well as others. Here are some pics of their work...


Friday, October 28, 2011

Ahhhhhh! Math

Luke has flat out decided he is NOT doing MEP (math) any longer. I am tired of the daily meltdown over it SO we will put in on hold or maybe just chuck it all together. We'll see how things go. In the mean time we started using Miquon, literature based math and what ever else works to keep him engaged and moving forward. Luke has a LOVE of drawing, coloring and anythings creative which just keeps getting stronger. I am going to try to use that to incorporate math into that which should not be hard. He does not mind using manipulatives for math but if he can draw his math sentences or concepts all the better for him.

I loved the other day when he told his dad when he got home that he had not done school work that day {chuckle chuckle}. It works out so much better when they just think we are playing- right! I had to privately tell my husband otherwise. Don't want him to think I am slacking around here :) Even better, this morning, my husband came in and told me the kids were doing math. I was still in bed and just assumed they were playing with the rods we had left out in the livingroom. Nope! he had given them "cookies" (I know I thought the same thing-- Cookies before breakfast!!) Gotta love him. My 3 yo said to Luke 4yo "If I have 4 cookies and I take 2 of them away how many do I have now?" He answered 2. Not sure how far that conversation went but my husband found it so cool he had to come and tell me. It took the --Oh my goodness I can't believe you fed the kids cookies before breakfast -- negative thoughts away. Here are a few pics of the math enjoyment going on here.

I took the Miquon book apart and put the sheets in page protectors and a 3 ring binder. That way we can reuse the sheets and Sophie can use them also when it's time. Those sheets can be used for so many different lessons and I didn't want to keep making copies so into my beloved page protectors they went. This also adds to the love for Luke so he can just draw and color away on them.

This was the day Luke told Mike he had not done math. I suppose measuring mittens and graphing has nothing to do with math. Haha!!

Happy mathing!  Julie

Friday, October 7, 2011

Math games

Let me start by saying that Luke is not crazy about Math games. BUT when you throw some candy corn into the mix it is a whole different story. We have been working on naming the numerals 11-20 (in isolation). I have a generic 10 frame laminated that I wrote the numerals on and added in a piece of candy corn to each square. Then I put number cards in our photo cubes and let them roll away. If they were able to correctly tell me the number then they got to eat the candy corn on that square. I am mean and will not allow Luke to use his board to count up (because that is WAY to easy for him). He uses that as a check system only. Sophie, on the other hand IS allowed to use her board to count up if she really has to. Needless to say Luke pretty much has them pesky ole teens down now. The beauty of bribery candy as a motivator!

I found some cute acorn and leaf templates on and we have been using them for +1 and +0 math facts. I wrote the math sentence on the leaves and he has to match up the appropriate acorn for the answer. He does actually like to do this as long as he can create a tree of sorts for the leaves and hang the acorns off of them.

Yesterday we got a new package of candy corn mix with the yellow, brown and pumpkins so we had fun time with patterns. Sophie is getting much better with her patterns which I just love to see.

On to the tally marks! We do tally marks every morning at calendar time but I just don't feel like Luke has a good grasp on the whole tally mark thing. Last night we grabbed the craft sticks and 1-10 cards and started playing. We took turns drawing a card and then the other person had to show it with tally marks. After we did this for a bit we put the cars in order 1-10 and took turns making each one. Luke was not crazy about doing it but he humored me and finished it. Sophie, on the other hand, loves to play games. She willingly played with me after Luke was finished. She even did 1-10 twice on her own after we played together. I love her persistence :). I did not take any pictures of the tally making but I am sure there will be more in the future.

Lucas is doing MEP (reception) for his core math. He is on lesson 41 of 60 and do not want to start Year 1 until after Christmas break so I am going to slow down on that and try to work on some other math with him just to fill in where I see he is needing reinforcement in certain areas. I am chomping at the bit to get started on Miquon but at only 4 yrs old I don't want to push him. We just play games and build with them now. I am thinking of busting out the Orange book after Christmas as well and taking it at his pace. I have been reading a couple of great blogs on Miquon and getting ideas on pre-Miquon activities to do also. Of course I had to search Miquon on Pinterest and found some good info:).

Sophie will be starting reception after the holidays and I think she will be happy. When me and Luke are doing his MEP Sophie always asks me why she does not get to do Math {hahaha}. I tell her she does do her math just not the same math as Luke. I try to explain to her all of the math things she does but she says, "That is not math Mom!". Silly girl.

I have some cute squirrels laminated to go with those acorns. I am off to find a good use for them.


Pinterest = Genius

Just what I needed- an endless supply of ideas and inspiration to feed my VISUAL appetite. Hi, my name is Julie and I am....... ADDICTED!!!!  I have found so many great ideas that we have already tried. Fall is my favorite season.....candy corn, changing leaves, acorns, the warm colors of fall. I love doing crafts with the kids but I will confess that my creative ideas for them are lacking. Now it is so easy for me to rip off  borrow ideas from all over that beautiful world wide web. Here are a few of the things I have gotten inspiration for...

The painted bubble wrap indian corn came from I just put my own spin on it. Luke did the brown one and Sophie did the yellow one. We also painted and stamped some leaves. I will take credit for that on my own :) I am not that deficient in the craft category. Me and Luke went out and stole an ear of corn in the cornfield down the road and used that to paint with. He rolled it onto some card stock and then we cut it out into a corn shape and he also made a swirled design that we cut out into another ear of corn. Pretty cute stuff and they had lots of fun. We also did an apple stamp on burlap squares and will make a banner to hang. Photo coming soon.

Yes the craft ideas i have found are great but more than those even I love not having to remember where I have saved everything- websites, printables, curriculum ideas, etc. Now I can just LOOK right at them on my boards. YEAH!!! (Can you tell I am lovin' this?)

I know I should be blogging about something a bit more educational right? Well if Momma is happy and organized it makes that education train chug that much smoother! Yep I can rationalize anything ;o

Happy pinning, Julie

p.s. you can find me on Pinterest here
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