Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2013-2014

This years choices seem so much easier than they have in the past. Now that we have a couple of years behind us, I know what works and what doesn't (for the most part). Not everything is set in stone and will surely be tweaked as the year rolls on, as usual.

I hesitate when saying what grade the kids are in, but I suppose I will conform to the norm and roll with it. Luke is beginning 2nd grade and Sophie 1st. They would be a year behind that if they were in public school. They are at grade level in some areas and above in others so we just keep plugging along according to their abilities.

Most of our subjects are combined and I adjust my expectations accordingly. They are at their own levels in math, spelling and copywork.

Here is our big picture for the year:

Luke 2nd Grade

Spelling and Dictation- All About Spelling Levels 2-3 He is already midway through level 2.

Math- Math-U-See Beta, Math Mammoth, Miquon and whatever else we need to master the material.

Copywork- He is working through the Geography A-Z book doing cursive. One page per week.

Sophie 1st Grade

Spelling and Dictation- AAS Levels 1-2 She is toward the end of level 1.

Math- Same as Luke, just a bit behind him in the material.

Copywork- Various passages from her favorite books, starting with Little House in the Big Woods.


Writing and Grammar- IEW's Bible Heroes

Reading- 30 minutes daily

Latin- Song School Latin

Literature Study- Poppy, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy. We will see how far we get and may add or change as we go along. I have so many books I want to get through and not nearly enough time in the day. Thank goodness we have many more years ahead of us.

History- SOTW 2 Medieval Times with activity guide, coloring book, and lots of extra reading.

Science- R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Earth and Space with many extra books.

Art & Music- These are constants around here. We have many different resources for them.

We do not do all subjects everyday. I will post a follow-up of how our weeks flow and what our days look like.

I love reading what others are using and doing, so I try to get one up each year for us as well.

See you soon!


  1. We are using some of the same things for my first grader!

    1. I hope you have a fun year! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I look forward to reading your follow up. I "plan" to do everything each day, but it doesn't seem like it's happening. Yesterday, we only did science projects!

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    1. I save history and science for after lunch, otherwise we would not get anything else accomplished - ever! I found that out real quick.

  3. I can totally relate when you say you hesitate to mention grade levels. Our daughter is very good at Language Arts. She loves to read. So her grade level in that is different than her grade level for math, which is a challenge for her. I love that our curriculum, Time4Learning.com, gives us the freedom to work at different grade levels for each subject and at our own pace. We've been homeschooling for 13 years, and we're still tweaking some of our curriculum with some of our kids. But the Time4Learning has been a keeper since we found it!
    Have a great year with your kids! :)

    1. Don't you love when you find a keeper. I have found a few myself already. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love your plan! I am trying to decide about Song School Latin for my first grader. I may add it in a month or so! Saying hello from the Blog Hop!

    1. Love having you stop by! I am going to be adding in SSL next week, now that we have our daily flow figured out pretty well. I know Sophie is going to love it.

  5. Hi, I use BFSU science with my kids but was looking for more structure to help ensure I stay on track which led me to your lesson plans. I see though that you later switched to REAL Odyssey Science. Do you mind if I ask why you changed and if you preferred REAL Science Odyssey (and if so what you like about it)?


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